Reserve Bank of India grants banking licences for two kinds of banking, namely, Universal bank Licence and Differentiated Bank licence. Payment Banks comes under differentiated bank licence since it cannot offer all the services that a commercial bank offers.

A payment bank cannot lend, it cannot issue credit cards but can take deposits up to Rs. 1lakh per account.

Objective: Main objective of Payment banks is to work towards Financial inclusion by providing small saving accounts and payment/remittance services to migrant labour workforce, low income households and other unorganized sectors.

Work Allocation: Other than remittance and saving services, a payment bank can work as business correspondence  of another bank. They can also distribute simple financial products like mutual fund units and insurance products. Continue reading


As per the U.N report of 2014, at least 71 countries allow abortion “to preserve a woman’s physical or mental health”. Moreover, 50 countries permitted abortion “to save a woman’s life”.

In India, Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 0f 1971 bars abortion if the foetus has crossed the 20-week mark. An exception to law is made if a registered medical practitioner certifies to a court that the continued pregnancy is life-threatening for the mother or the baby.

Recently on 3rd July 2017, Supreme Court allowed a woman to abort her over 20-week old foetus with severe abnormalities. She presented a report by paediatric pulmonologist, her foetus suffered from a severe form of cardiac impairment called Pulmonary Atresia, which said that there was a high possibility of permanent brain damage. Continue reading


Recently in news, China confirmed that it had suspended the entry of Indian pilgrims undertaking the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra following an alleged cross border incursion by Indian troops.

On the way to Kailash Manasarovar Yatra a pilgrim crosses territorial boundaries of three countries comprising India, Nepal and China to reach Tibet- Land of Kailash Manasarovar

Mount Kailash is known as one of the most sacred mountains and has become an important pilgrim for four faiths : Buddhists, Jains, Hindus and Tibetan religion of Bon.

However the journey of 52kms/32miles on foot in a single day is not easy and one needs to be strong both physically and mentally to complete it. Generally people take 3 days to finish this walk. The Hindus and Buddhists pilgrims walk around in a clockwise direction but the Jain and Bön followers walk around counterclockwise. Continue reading


India has the second highest number of obese children in the world after China, it was found that 14.4 million children in the country have excess weight. In comparison to India, China has 15.3 million children with obesity.

Globally over two billion children and adults suffer from health problems related to being overweight of obese. Of four million death attributed to excess body weight in 2015, nearly 40% occurred among people whose Body Mass Index fell below the threshold considered as Obese.

Among adults, the US topped the list with 79.4 million people with obesity and China came second with 57.3 million people.


Indian Meteorological Department said Indian annual monsoon rainfall is expected to be 98% of the Long Average Period (LPA), earlier same was predicted as 96%. The monsoon is considered as normal if rain in June-September season are between 985 and 104% of a 50-Year average of 89 cm.

The monsoon is lifeblood of India’s firm dependent $2 trillion economy since almost half the farmlands are rain-fed. The country gets about 70% of rainfall during June-September monsoon season, making it crucial for an estimated 263 million farmers.

About 800 million people live in villages and depend on agriculture, which accounts for about 15% of India’s GDP and a failed monsoon can have a rippling effect on the country’s growth and economy. Continue reading