Hello Friends,
This is my success story how I am able to find a wire of success in a pool of wires filled with failure. I started my preparations after completing B-tech 2012.First of all I prepared my self appeared for SBI Associate Clerk exam and then in IBPS Clerical but I failed in both ant this don’t happen unfortunately or due to bad luck it was happened only and only due to failure in hardworking.
Now I am presenting you the pool of failure from which I find a success….
From July 2012-2013
  1. IBPS Clerk II- Failed
  2. SBI Associate Clerk- Failed
  3. SSC-CGL 2013 -Failed
  4. RBI Assistant 2013- Failed
  5. SBI Specialisst officer 2012-2013- Reached late at Venue
  6. IBPS Specialist Officer -II- Failed
  7. SBI PO-2013- Failed
  8. SBI PO-2014- Failed by 2 marks for GD/Intervuew cutoff
  9. Intelligence Bureau- Failed
  10. FCI 2012- Failed


Now in 2014
  1. IBPS SO- Failed
  2. SBI PO- Failed
  3. SBI Clerk- Failed
  4. RBI Assistant missed by 5 Marks interview cutoff.
Now Success begins
  1. IBPS RRB OS I- 119 Marks
  2. IBPS PO- 94 Marks
  3. IBPS Clerk 143 Marks
  4. SSC-CGL 105 marks Prelims
Friend you can see how was the pool of wire of failure and how i managed to get a single wire of success from the pool. It was really a feel of proud to get this success wire. 
Friends even though i failed in many exam but i never blamed my luck after seeing the unsuccessful result I always said to myself that you are not doing hard work, your preparations are not well you are not a deserving candidate. And after every failure i make a commitment to me that i will prepare more and when i failed again i made another commitment that i will prepare more and this process goes on.
log jab faile hote hai to hamesh keht hai yaar bad luck tha, god se kehte hai aap ki kripa nhi thi aur bhot kuch par ye kabhi nhi kehte hai ki sayaad maine preparation achi nhi ki hogi isliye mera nhi hu. Lekin sach bta raha hu ki mai jitni bar faile hua hu maine hamesha yhi kaha hai ki maine padai kam ki hai bs ek hi vjah hai mere faile hone ki ba ekk vajah ki maine padai kam ki hai,aur kabhi bi bhgwaan kokuch nhi kaha hai unki puja hamesha ki hai kyu ki mujhe pata hai unki puja se hi mere mann ko har failure ke baad santi mili hai, mera mann kabi bechain nhi hua, kabhi paresaan nhi hua, kabi ye nhi socha ki mera bhagya khrab hai kabhi nhi socha keval apne bhgwaan ki puja aur unke aasirwaad se……..
My Routine of study:
  • My strong section- Reasoning, computer and near about Math
  • Weak section- English and GK
  • In English and Gk section, I started making my Gk section strong by reading The Hindu newspaper daily and writing every important news in my copy which in turn makes my English section little bit strong.
Strategy In Examination:
  • Starts paper with Reasoning section and after that GK or Copmputer or Both then i move to math section and at last english section. I practised to attempt maximum question from Reasoning, GK and Computer it gives boost to my score then I move to attempt maximum question in maths section and at last english as this is weakest section and the sureity of answer is 0% that why I attempt only that question in which I am 100% sure and this makes me to attempt only 15-20 questions in IBPS PO
  • One thing you always remember that don’t attempt any question in GK, Computer and English in which your are 99% sure. And after attempting all 100% sure questions in each section them make a survey that how many questions you have attempted in each section and overall after that make a calculation in mind that are these marks are good enough to qualify if yes then in remaining time do as many question you can in which you think that i can do 100% but they are lengthy question. Since you will left only with math and reasoning section bcoz in english, gk and computer there is no need of solving you can attempt these section in single attempt.
  • Now in the remaining time do play with Reasoning and Math section and try to do maximum right questions.
  • I am saying to do only 100% sure question because if you can guess 10 question in 3 minutes then it was sure that you can do 2 100% right question in 3 minutes. And you are not sure of guess question but you are sure of right question. If all your 10 guess questions are wrong then you will loose marks and time both and if you do 2 right question then you will get marks. 
So its my request to all aspirants don’t blame you luck, always blame your preparations and make improvement in them and do practice a ST daily whether online or offline but plz plz give ST daily. Read news paper daily
If you follow this practice then no one in world can stop you from your success.Website which i refered bankersadds, gr8ambition, jagran current affairs. Finally there are many persons who help me in many ways like My parents, my sister, my jija ji and many others. I am very thankful to all my loveable. 
All the best…………………………..

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