Recently in news, China confirmed that it had suspended the entry of Indian pilgrims undertaking the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra following an alleged cross border incursion by Indian troops.

On the way to Kailash Manasarovar Yatra a pilgrim crosses territorial boundaries of three countries comprising India, Nepal and China to reach Tibet- Land of Kailash Manasarovar

Mount Kailash is known as one of the most sacred mountains and has become an important pilgrim for four faiths : Buddhists, Jains, Hindus and Tibetan religion of Bon.

However the journey of 52kms/32miles on foot in a single day is not easy and one needs to be strong both physically and mentally to complete it. Generally people take 3 days to finish this walk. The Hindus and Buddhists pilgrims walk around in a clockwise direction but the Jain and Bön followers walk around counterclockwise. Continue reading

Complete Reference To Indus Valley Civilisation-History

  1. The Indus Valley Civilisation is known by Harappan Culture or Harappan Civilization
  2. Harappa was the first Indus Valley Civilisation site to be discovered that’s why Indus Valley Civilisation is also known as the Harappan Civilisation
  3. The Indus Valley Civilisation is listed among the three early civilizations of the Old World. Which are the other two civilizations listed in this elite list? – Mesopotamian Civilization and the Egyptian Civilization (Some historians also add Chinese civilization in this elite list)
  4. Among the three early civilizations of the Old World (Mesopotamia, Egypt and Indus Valley), which was spread over the largest area? – Indus Valley Civilization (It was spread over 1.25 million kms)
  5. Span of the Indus Valley Civilization? – From 3300 B.C. to 1300 B.C.

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