India has the second highest number of obese children in the world after China, it was found that 14.4 million children in the country have excess weight. In comparison to India, China has 15.3 million children with obesity.

Globally over two billion children and adults suffer from health problems related to being overweight of obese. Of four million death attributed to excess body weight in 2015, nearly 40% occurred among people whose Body Mass Index fell below the threshold considered as Obese.

Among adults, the US topped the list with 79.4 million people with obesity and China came second with 57.3 million people.

Male Child A Burden – A Truth That Exist

This blog defines a nomadic community whose source of livelihood has been sex work. While the women of the family are the breadwinners, the men, who live off their earnings are liabilities. Hundereds of families of this community live along the state highway from Mho to Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh.
Driving along the highway during the day, one sees an unusually large number of young girls sitting by the roadside, combing their hairs, getting some sun, playing.
For many in this community, sex work defines a family’s social standing. The birth of a girl child is celebrated while a male child is considered a lifelong liability. People used to resort to male infanticide to do away with the trouble of raising a boy.
Girls earn money. men do not do anything. They have to be sustained and we have to pay the girl’s family Rs. 10 lakh as bride price to get them married. Families with more girls enjoys the higher status. “I have five daughters and except one, all are engaged in the business. Girls are represented as an assets while boys are liabilities.
Those who do not have daughters are condemned to a life of poverty and find themselves at the bottom of the social strata. To move up the ladder, they resort to buying of daughters.