1. Pankaj Advani, 32 yeaer old Billiards and Snooker star is the owner of 16 world titles and numerous international trophies.
  2. Hockey India men’s team coach Sjoerd Marijne.
  3. 15 year old Sonam Malik defeated Japanese Sena Nagamoto to bag the gold in World Cadet wrestling championship in Athens.


  1. Paper titled “India income inequality, 1922-2014: from British raj to Billionaire raj” excerpts that Income in equality in India is at its highest level since 1922.


  1. Ajay Bhusan Pandey– CEO of Unique Identification Authority of India.
  2. Famous annual snake boat refatta Uthrittathi Valamkali was held in the river of Pampa at Aranmula in Kerala.
  3. The unruly passenger will be put on a no fly list which will be made public and maintained by the Director general of Civil Aviation. The ban will range between three months and a lifetime depending upon the gravity of the offence.


  1. The U.S. shutdown Pakistan’s largest lender Habib Banks’s operation and slapped a fine of $223 million for its failure to comply with laws aimed to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.
  2. Deputy PM of Nepal– Krishna Bahadur Mahara

Emerging Terms, News and Other:

  1. CCUS– Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage conference in Alabama, washington
  2. Two mountain ranges on Pluto, icy dwarf planet, has been named after Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary by the international Astronomical Union.
  3. Jordan, a water-poor country that is 90% desert, has launched a project turn its sand dunes into farming land to produce food using sun and sea water, The project named as “Sahara Forest Project”near the southern port city of Aquaba in
  4. Yuki bhambari and Ramkumar Ramanathan related to Tennis game.
  5. Bagel– It is a term to describe a 6-0 scoreline in a set of tennis.  The loser is said to have been bagelled.

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