1. U.S. distance runner Shalane Flanagan awarded her silver medal from the 2008 Olympic Games 10,000m following a doping ban against Turkish second place finisher Evan Abeylegesse.
  2. India is the ninth biggest trading partner of the U.S. and India had a trade surplus of around $26 billion with the U.S. in goods trade alone last year.
  3. ASCON– Army Static Switched Communication Network is the army’s telecom network backbone. ASCON network currently uses bulk encryption.
    DWDM– Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing- is an optical multiplexing technology used to increase bandwidth over existing fibre network by combining and transmitting multiple signals simultaneously at different wavelength on the same fibre.
  4. Srijan Mahila Vikas Sahyog Committee, a Bhagalpur based NGO, accused of siphoning off hundereds of crores meant for welfare scheme in collusion with State government officials.
    The scam was carried on by depositing government cheques into the account of the NGO that, in turn, would invest these amounts in bank deposits to earn interest. This scam is to the tune of Rs. 1000 crore.
  5. Nepal Prime Minister– Sher Bahadur Deuba, recently on a visit to India.
  6. Turkey President- Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

  7. Supreme Court declared instant Triple Talaq unconstitutional.
  8. Mongoose– Is a protected species under Schedule II and part II of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and any trade of its body parts involves similar punishment as is laid down for tigers and rhinoceros
    WCCB– Wildlife Crime Control Bureau


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