1. Hardik Pandya became the fifth India player to score his maiden First class century in a test. Vijay Manjrekar, Kapil Dev, Ajay Ratra and Harbhajan Singh were the others to do so.
  2. The Geographic information SystemAn online database of more then half a million hectares of land assisting industry. The database is being designed by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) and National e-Governence  Division.
    IT currently has a specific details in each state on industrial parks/  clusters, the focus sectors, common facility for industry, industrial land in use and available industrial land, approved and pending projects, infrastructure  including state/ national highways, airports, ports, railway stations and others.
    Database also has information on the distance from airport/port to each industrial area/ cluster and satellite map view o f the area.
  3. Japanese encephalitis (JE) is caused by a mosquito borne virus. It is a kind of encephalitis which falls under a spectrum of diseases called Acute Encephalitis Syndrome and is caused by flavivirus. It is a viral infection of brain and there is no cure for JE.
  4. IONS– Indian Ocean Naval Symposium

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