1. ISRO will soon launch a replacement navigation satellite, IRNSS-1H, fitted with correct atomic clock to make up for the crippled satellite IRNSS-1A (Atomic clocks failed in 2016)
  2. The Center may impose anti-dumping duty in castings for wind-operated power generators from china to guard domestic players from below cost imports.
  3. The SEBI has made it mandatory for companies to disclose default on the payment of interest or repayment of principle to banks or financial institutions within a day. The new norms will take effect from October, 1  2017.
  4. Finance Ministry announced the introduction of Bharat 22, a new exchange traded fund (ETF) comprising 22 stocks including Central Public Sector Enterprises, public sector banks, and Specififed Undertakings of the Unit Trust of India (SUUTI). Bharat 22 is a well diversified ETF spanning six sectors- basic materials, energy, finance, FMCG, industrials and utilities.
    Weightage for each sectors:
    Materials– 4.4%
    DIPAM– Department of Investment and public Asset Management.
  5. NIRF– National Institute Raking Framework.
  6. Buckingham Canal-  A Rs. 2000 crore plan announced by Central government last year for rejuvenation.
    The Buckingham Canal is a 796 kilometres (494.6 mi) long fresh water navigation canal, running parallel to the Coromandel Coast of South India from Kakinada in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh to Villupuram District in Tamil Nadu. The canal connects most of the natural backwaters along the coast to Chennai (Madras) port. It was constructed during British Rule, and was an important waterway during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  7. EPC– Engineering, Procurement, Construction.
  8. Neeraj Chopra– A Javelin thrower.

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