1. Katinka Hosszu, won Hungary’s first gold medal at the 2017 World swimming championship in 200m individual medley.


  1. The Centre will invest about Rs. 7 lakh crore in developing national highways in the next five years.


  1. Insurance companies can no longer retain unclaimed amounts of policy holders if those accruals are more than 10 years old. Such sums need to be transferred to the Senior Citizens’ Welfare Fund (SCWF). As on 30, September 2017 unclaimed amounts of policy holder for a period of more than 10 year, need to be transferred to the SCWF on or before 1, March 2018.
  2. Scientist, communicator and institution builder, Dr. Yash Pal died in Noida.

Emerging Terms, News and Others:

  1. The family of Khasaba Jadhav, who won India’s first individual Olympic medal, has put up the medal for auction, to build a wrestling academy as the state government has reneged on its promise to build the academy.
    Jadhav won a bronze medal in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.
  2. The RECP is a proposed mega Free Trade Agreement involving 16 Asia Pacific nations including India and China, aims to liberalize investment norms in the regon, besides boosting trade by dismantling most tarrif and non-tarrif barriers.
    India’s annual trade deficit with RECP nations is about $100 billion, and half of this is with China alone.

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