1. The famous blue-bordered sari of Mother Teresa, has been granted the registration of the trademark for the pattern of blue border, by Trade Marks Registry, Government of India.
  2. IGST– Integrated Goods and Services Tax
  3. LUT– letter of Undertaking.
  4. The World’s youngest nation, South Sudan, will not have any official celebrations to mark the anniversary of its birth because of the widespread suffering caused by its ongoing civil war.
    President of South Sudan– Salva Kirr.
  5. Last year World bank ranked the country at 130th position for ease of doing business. The areas where India ranks poorly as per the World bank ranking include starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering a property, paying tax, trading across border, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency.
  6. H1N1, commonly known as Swine Flu, is a respiratory disease caused by Type A influenza known as h1N1 (A). It is an airborne infection. Oseltamivir is the medicine that works against H1N1
  7. The 5.5 KM Walled City of Ahmedabad, fonder by Sultan Ahmed Shah in the 15th century, has been declared as India’s firs World Heritage City by World Heritage Committee of UNESCO. India’s permanent representative to INESCO is Ruchira kamboj.

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