1. Muhammed Anas and Nirmala Sheron won the Gold in 400m in Men’s and Women’s category respectively.
  2. Virat kohli, with his 18th century in a chase, set the new mark of fastest 17 centuries in his 102nd inning while Tendulkar took 232 innings for his 17 hundreds.


  1. American tech giant Oracle will open its first digital hub in Asia pacific, which will be based in Bengaluru. This digital hub will provide cloud computing technology and resources to small and medium business to empower them in their digital transformation.
  2. Japan’s Tokio Marine Asia raised its stake in India’s fertilizer co-operative IFFCO from 26% to 49% at a cost of Rs. 2530 crore.
  3. To make India a global leader in innovation and Intellectual Property, the centre has estimated to spend Rs. 29.7 crore on a three year scheme to create awareness on the issue.


  1. Jammu and Kashmir, the only state to roll out Goods and Services Tax on July 1, will join the new tax regime from Friday night 07.07.2017 as the state assembly passed a Bill.


UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, infuriated Israel as it voted to list the biblical West bank City of Heron, with its holy shrine sacred to both Jews and Muslims, as a world heritage site in danger.

Emerging Terms, News and Others:

  1. ELC- Exclusively Listed Companies
  2. RSE– Regional Stock Exchange
  3. FIEO– Federation of Indian Export Organization- president G.K. Gupta
  4. Civil Aviation Secretary R.N Choubey said India was the only country other than North Korea to not allow Wi-Fi facility in aircraft. Moreover, International flights flying over India have to switch off Wi-FI when travel over India.
  5. World’s first vaccine developed by Edward Jenner in 1796, involved infecting his Gardner’s son with cow-pox, which led to the discovery of a small pox vaccine.

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