1. International Olympic Committee (IOC) had signed a partnership deal with technology giant Intel, just days after splitting with long term sponsor McDonals’s.
  2. SEBI relaxed norms for investors acquiring assets in companies with stressed assets and facing bankruptcy proceedings.
  3. ODI- Offshore Derivative Instruments.
  4. Prime Minister of Britain- Therasa May
  5. Russian defence minister- Sergei Shoigu.
  6. Mohammad bin Salman named as new crown prince of Saudi.
  7. United Nations’ Secretary General- Antonio Guterres.
  8. G20 summit will be held in Germany next month.
  9. Kenneth Juster will be appointed as the U.S. Ambassador to India
  10. CEEW– Council on Energy, Environment and Water.
  11. RNTCPRevised National Tuberculosis Control Programme– Tuberculosis patients, hospitals and healthcare workers availing cash assistance from the government will need to register with AADHAR database by 31.08.2017.
    Patients diagnosed with TB and availing treatment are to be registered with Nikshay, a web-based application used by the authorities to track funds, treatment outcomes. Currently government provides cash assistance to patients who are tribals and others.
    DOTS– Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course

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