1. To chair the Ethics Commission of International Olympic Committee, name of former United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon is proposed.
  2. Yuvraj Singh is set to play his 300th ODI, as on date only four Indians had this milestone.
    Player                                           Matches
    Sachin Tendulkar                          463
    Rahul Dravid                                  344
    M. Azharuddin                               334
    S. Ganguly                                       311


  1. Due to geopolitical situations arising out of isolation of the West Asian country by other regional powers,India’s engineering exports to Qatar have been hit. Shipping line between India and Doha are keeping the containers on hold.
    West Asia is among the key destinations for India engineering exports, accounting for 13% of India’s total engineering export shipments worth $8.18 billion. Major trade partner are UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.
  2. Oil refining and marketing companies IOC, HPCL and BPCL signed joint venture agreement to jointly setup Worlds largest refinery and petrochemical complex in Ratnagiri, Maharastra at a cost of $40 billion.
    After US and China, India is the third largest energy consumer. Its per capita energy consumption is one-fourth of world average.
  3. Reserve Bank of India put Central bank of India under Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) as the threshold of 9% is surpassed and reached to 10.2%.


  1. National Physical Laboratory, host of the most accurate clocks in the country and the only agency in India to maintain Indian Standard Time (IST). The NPL maintains accuracy of +- 20 nanoseconds through the Primary Time Scale, an ensemble of five Caesium clocks and one hydrogen maser.The rest of the world connects to these via teleclocks, satellite links and Network Time Protocol.
  2. Cabinet approved extension of the interest subvention scheme for farmers to 2017-18. Short term crop loans up to Rs. 3 lakh will receive a subvention of 5%, effectively reducing the rate for farmers to 4%. Of 5% subvention, 2% is for all crop loans upto captioned limit and subvention of additional 3% is given in case of prompt repayment with in a period of one year from the date of advance.This scheme will be implemented by RBI and NABARD and centre has set aside Rs. 20,339 crore for the scheme.Scheme has been running since 2006-07.

Emerging Terms, News and Others:

  1. EEPC– Engineering Export Promotion Council.- Chiarman- T S Bhasin.
  2. TAN- Tax Deduction and collection Account Number.
  3. RPM– Resale Price Maintenance.
  4. U.S. Attorney General- Jeff Sessions.
  5. FIFA Chief– Gianni Infantino.
  6. NPl Director– Dinesh Agrawal
  7. IATA– International Air Transpost Association Director General and CEO Alexander de juniac.

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