Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority.

Goods exports during 2016-17 stood at $276.28 billion of which aggricultural exports comprised of $33.38 billion, representing 12.08% of total exports.
Exports of food products monitered by APEDA during 2016-17 stood at $16.28 billion which is 48.77% of agricultural exports from the country. Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Iran, Iraq and Nepal were tge major destinations for export of food products from India.

Emerging terms,peoples and News:

  1. India and Myanmaar share an unfenced border of 1643 KM.
  2. Dhadhu coal block is in Jharkhand
  3. Director General of South Asia and SAARC- Dr. Mohammad Faisal
  4. CCTNS: Crime and Criminal Tracking Networks and Systems.
  5. The Computer Emergency Response System-India (CERT-In) had explained that the ransomware called WnnaCrypt or WannaCry encrypts the computer hard disk drive and then spreads laterally between computers on the same local area network. It also spreads through malicious attachments in emails.
  6. Retirement age of High court judge– 62 years.
  7. BRF– Belt and Road Forum
  8. The India-UK Extradition Treaty, signed in September 1992 and in force from November 1993, allows for a number of circumstances for a person not to be extradited. These include when the court is satisfied that a case was being pursued on the grounds of race, religion,nationality or public opinion, or the accusations were not made on good faith in the interests of justice, or were trivial in nature.
    An extradition may be successfull, if extradition request shows that the charge over which the person was being pursued would be an offence in Britain, punishable for at least one year, and in keeping with European convention on Human Rights.
    In first 23 year of the treaty, no one had been extradited to India except Samirbhai Vinubhai patel who is extradited by Britain last year in relation to Gujarat Riots.
  9. IBC – Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code


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