Successful Firing Of Agni-V By A Canister For The First Time

  1. The country’s Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), Agni V, has been successfully test fired from a canister,was a grand success marking another technological milestone in the strategic missile program, from the Wheeler Island off the Odisha coast.
  2. It has traversed its full range of more than 5,000 km before plunging into the Indian Ocean.
  3. This is the third success in a row for Agni-V but it is the first time that it is being launched from a canister. A canister launch means it can lift off from a truck on roads or open space anywhere.
  4. A happy Avinash Chander, scientific adviser to defence minister and DRDO Director General, called it “India’s first ever ICBM launch from a canister and a giant leap in the country’s deterrence capability.
  5. The missile would be inducted into the Army by 2015-end. With its range of 5,000 km, the missile can reach a vast portion of China and Europe
  6. Agni-V is India’s perfect answer to China’s developed armor.
    Once fired, the Agni-V cannot be stopped.
    Agni-V is India’s longest-range missile to carry a nuclear warhead.

Agni V graphic

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