September 26, 2014 Morning Session Review Of GA Questions Asked In RBI Assistant Exam

Hello readers, today i appeared in RBI Assistant Exam paper morning season. Some question that i remember of GA are as follows…

  1. India’s first Post Office ATM inaugurated in which city- Chennai.
  2. Who has acquired Bengaluru based cybercity firm Impermium in 9 milion dollar- Google.
  3. RBI formed in which year- 1935, via act of 1934.
  4. RBI has granted inpriciple banking license to which two financial entities- IDFC and Bandhan Finance.
  5. Press Council of India formed in which year-1966.
  6. Indra Awas Yojna lauched in which year- in period of 1985-86.
  7. Capital of Netharland- Amsterdam.
  8. Pound Sterling is currency of which country- UK.
  9. Which of the following in not the governor of RBI at present- P.J. Nayar.
  10. Ministry of Railway – Sadhanada Gowda.
  11. World Heart Day- 29 September.
  12. WTO headquarter- Geneva.
  13. When did India became member of WTO- 1995.
  14. Any Time MIlk announced by which milk company- Amul.
  15. Which country is not a male dominated- Brazil.
  16. India’s first motion picture- Raja harischand.
  17. India first news paper- Bengal Gazette.
  18. China’s economic growth- ????
  19. Women’s population as per recent census- 586.5 Milion (Male- 623.7 Milion).
  20. Forex reserve in duration of March and April.- ??
  21. A question on NPA in terms of Installment and intrest.
  22. Who won Gold medal in 75 KG Wrestling in CWG- Sushil Kumar.

One thought on “September 26, 2014 Morning Session Review Of GA Questions Asked In RBI Assistant Exam

  1. please provide me some more GA questions


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